Corporate Accounts

:: Corporate Account Information

Corporate Accounts are a convenient and efficient way to handle all of your transportation needs. Whether to the airport or transporting clients, our "Black Tie Corporate Account Service" makes transportation easy with trackable accuracy.

  • Your account is given the highest priority in our computerized dispatch system, and when you make a reservation, all of the information is stored and recorded.
  • Both the passenger and the driver sign the voucher at the destination, which makes the transaction secure.
  • Vouchers received from our drivers are cross referenced with information stored in our computer system and are checked to make sure that there are no overcharges.
  • A detailed invoice is billed monthly to your accounting department including the actual vouchers used.

There are two different types of accounts available to our valued customers; corporate voucher accounts, and taxi scrip accounts.

Both types are ideal for business of all kinds. Whether you have VIP guests coming into town and do not want them to worry about transportation, or are a business traveler yourself, ASC/Yellow Cab corporate accounts are great for everyone.

:: Taxi Vouchers

• Vouchers, similar to blank checks, are issued to corporate entities following a credit check. A voucher can be used as a method of payment for cab fare. Copies of vouchers, along with an invoice, are sent out after a 30-day period.

:: Taxi Scrip

• Taxi scrip, like a gift certificate, can be purchased through our office, and used like cash to pay for cab fare. It comes in increments of $1, $5, and $10s, and must be paid for in advance.





Need further assistance setting up a corporate account?

You may contact us at 310-851-5005 or at: to find out more about opening a corporate account.

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