Marketing / Advertising

OPTION 1. Top Sign Advertising Rates


The Lowest Cost Outdoor Media Available!

Advertising on top of a taxicab enables you to reach tens of thousands of people per day at a fraction of the cost for other traditional outdoor mediums. Taxicab top-sign advertising allows you to reach 1,000 people for as little as 34¢.

# of Taxis

  • 5-10 ------- $130 per month, per cab

  • 11-49 ------ $120 per month, per cab

  • 50+ -------- $100 per month, per cab

OPTION 2. Personal Information Module (PIM) Rates

Personal Information Module (PIM) Rates

Personal information Modules (PIMs) are installed in all of our taxicabs for convenient credit card transactions, local news and entertainment right in the back seat!.

  • Taxis ----------------------------- 750

  • Fares per Day --------------------- 16

  • Impressions per fare -------------- 1.5

  • Days per Month ------------------- 30

  • Total Monthly Impressions -------- 540,000

  • CPM ---------------------------- $15.00

  • Monthly AD Buy ----------------- $8,100.00

  • Weekly rates also available, for more information contact us at

Not your 'Average Cab' company.

Having community ties and relationships is very important to us.

We take the time to interact with our clients and have fun in the process! Each of our fleets sponsor and participate in countless community events every year.

For more information or general inquiries about events and marketing, contact us via email at