Torrance Taxi Cab

Rates / Services

Rates & Discounts

$ 2.85 ----- Base Fee
$ 2.70 ------ Per Mile ( .30 cents every 1/9 mile)
¢ .30 ------ Per 37 Secs ( Only if in traffic or cab waiting)
$ 29.19 ------ Per Hour (For cab waiting)
$ 19.00 --- All trips originating from LAX have a mandated $15 minimum fare plus $4.00 airport surcharge

$15 Off First App Ride

Enter promo code “HELLOLA”

*Restrictions apply:
Offer valid only when paying with a stored credit card in the RideYellow app in the Los Angeles area. Promotions cannot be combined.

25% Off Every App Ride

*Restrictions apply:
This promotion applies automatically to each ride only when paying with a stored credit card in the app in the Los Angeles area. Limited time offer. Promotions cannot be combined.

10% Senior Discount

*Restrictions apply:
10% senior discount if 65+ years of age. Must present valid ID to driver.

Flat Rates

$ 46.50 ---- Flat rate per trip (group) in either direction for trips between LAX and downtown*
$ 40.00 ---- Flat rate from within the West Hollywood city limits directly to LAX
$ 35.00 ---- Santa Monica city limits NORTH of I-10 to LAX
$ 30.00 ---- Santa Monica city limits SOUTH of I-10 to LAX
$ 75.00 ---- Santa Monica city limits to Bob Hope Airport

* (Area bounded by Alameda St., Santa Monica Fwy., Harbor Fwy., and Caesar Chavez Ave., Plus Union Station and Chinatown).


For Superior Taxi Service in the South Bay Area! Call South Bay Yellow Cab.

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Airport Service

  • 3 or more in your party make it more economical than shuttles when traveling to local airports. You never share a ride with strangers like in a shuttle.

  • Medical Visits

  • Non-emergency Medical Visits , Dialysis Treatments, Outpatient Surgeries and Hospital Checkouts. Wheelchair accessible vans are available.
  • Safety & Accessibilty

    We pride ourselves on SAFETY.

    With a LA Yellow Cab you get the following safety features

  • Full coverage commercial insurance.
  • Surveillance cameras that are recording 24/7 inside our taxis
  • A dispatching system that has real time access to emergency services in the LA County.
  • All of our Vehicles undergo scrutinous safety, city regulated, and maintenance checks.
  • A driver with a valid Taxi License, which guarantees a clean criminal, drug and driving record.
  • Peace of mind that you are in good hands!
  • Our Fleet

  • Full Size Taxi Cabs, Vans, Mini-Vans, Sedans and Paratransit Vehicles available.