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If you need to travel to Bel Air, LA Yellow Cab is the taxi company to choose!  From the busy streets of downtown Los Angeles to the lovely isolation of Beverly Hills, LA Yellow Cab, with the largest cab fleet in Los Angeles, covers it all.

Our drivers are professionals who are proud to uphold the highest standards of taxi cab service.  As independent cab owners, each driver for LA Yellow Cab is required to uphold stringent safety and training measures to ensure that your cab ride is safe, professional, quick and above all enjoyable!

Bel Air - Home of the Beautiful

Bel Air is primarily a residential community and as such does not boast many public attractions.  Most people traveling to or from Bel Air are either residents or friends and family of residents.  However, Bel Air does host the annual Bel Air Film Festival, designed to spotlight promising filmmakers.  This event is held at a private residence each year in Bel Air.

Close to Bel Air is the University of California, Los Angeles.  In fact, one of the entrances to UCLA is directly across from the West Gate entrance to the neighborhood.  Many people visiting Bel Air also need transportation to the environs of UCLA, where traffic and parking difficulties can make driving difficult.  LA Yellow Cab is ready to help, delivering you to your location quickly and easily and picking you up again when you are finished.

While in the area, be sure to visit The Getty, an incredible museum that offers a wide range of art in various media, and the Virginia Robinson Botanical Gardens, an incredible array of horticultural beauty that is open to the public.

Getting to and from Bel Air is easy when you fly into LAX in Los Angeles or one of the other regional airports.  We can pick you up at your gate or drop you off in plenty of time to catch your flight.  With LA Yellow Cab, your taxi service awaits from your gate at the airport to the incredible city of Los Angeles and all it has to offer!

While You Are In Los Angeles . . .

LA Yellow Cab has a great working relationship with several bars, restaurants and pubs in the area.  We highly recommend the following locations while you are here:

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While you are in Los Angeles, call LA Yellow Cab for all your transportation needs.  We offer fast, reliable taxi cab service to all points in the city, including major transportation hubs and important landmarks.  We also offer paratransit services for those with mobility issues and can arrange almost any type of transportation needed for you and your group, no matter what the size.  Call or text us or go online today to arrange a cab ride to and from anywhere in the Los Angeles metro area!